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Aged Care Facilities

The objective of podiatry in aged care facilities is no different to a private clinic. Our aim is to improve the residents’ comfort and independence without compromise. With this in mind, our team of Podiatrists and staff strive for excellence in this area.

When treating residents at a nursing home, we have a compact but adequate set up to ensure the residents are being treated with the same quality of care they would get in a private consultation room. Our instruments are clean, disinfected and sterilised strictly in accordance to the Australian sterilisation standards. To prevent cross infection and safe transportation between locations, our instruments are individually packed and sterilised in separate bags. We have over 200 sets of instruments to allow proper rotation so that only sterilised instruments are used for each resident.

At Peel Podiatry, we have over 15 years of experience in aged care facilities. We are well placed with resource, personnel and structure to manage a large-scale provision of podiatry services for all nursing home facilities. Our area of service includes Mandurah, Rockingham, Perth metropolitan areas and, as further south as Bunbury and surrounding areas. For further information, please contact our office for further details.

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