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Top 5 Reasons to Avail Podiatry Services for Aged in Mandurah

Feet carries our body weight till we die. And with us, they also age. Thus, there are reasons why we must take a proper care of them. Foot health is a crucial segment of leading an active life. People in Mandurah are blessed with having some quality podiatry clinics in their neighbourhood and must visit...
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Impact of Diabetes on Foot

The Impact of Diabetes on Your Foot Health

Diabetes is a serious physical ailment which when detected, brings in with it lots of side-effects. Several body parts got affected all because of an abnormal increase in blood glucose (sugar in colloquial terms) level. A patient suffering from diabetes must take a good care of his/her foot. A proper knowledge on the subject might...
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Visit a Podiatrist to Prevent Damage to Nails From Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is an integral part of the recovery process from the deadly disease of cancer. Thus, oncologists prescribe it for the cases where it is absolutely necessary. However, the chemotherapy given during the process causes many side-effects visible in the hair and nails of the patients. Some common symptoms are discolouration, ingrowing, infection, and easily...
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Orthotics Services at Peel Podiatry Clinic

Do not consider your foot to be insignificant after all it is carrying forward the entire body weight. Without effortless mobility, we are unable to lead a normal life. Let us get into the subject a little bit deeper! The foot is a complex combination of bones, muscles and ligaments which perform even more complicated...
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