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What Are the Different Types of Foot Orthotics?

To treat a range of podiatry problems, foot orthotics can be helpful. These are custom-designed shoe inserts that lend support to your feet. Firstly, a podiatrist analyses your feet problem with the help of an optical scan. Once the expert has understood the root cause of your discomfort, he or she chooses a unique orthotics design to mitigate your problem. Wearing these specialized inserts can promote joint stability, realign your ankle, and prevent other feet issues. If you are suffering from any kind of foot deformities, consult a Podiatrist for foot orthotics in Mandurah as he/she can suggest the right foot orthotics for you.

Types of Foot Orthotics

Here are different types of foot orthotics

1. Off-the-shelf Shoe Insoles – Shoe insoles are mostly worn inside a shoe and help to treat various foot ailments like foot and leg pain as well as flat arches. While you may purchase them from any store or order online, for serious foot-related problems, it can be prescribed by a doctor. Your podiatrist will recommend off-the-shelf insoles if you suffer from Achilles tendinitis or experience arch pain. Such an aid acts as a cushion for your feet and renders support and comfort. The most common types of shoe insoles are:

  • Heel liners – Also known as heel pads and heel cups, heel liners provide additional comfort in the heel region. Doctors may recommend heel liners for patients who experience foot pain due to their old age. As age increases, the natural fat pads of the heels begin to reduce and hence, such foot pain in the heel region.
  • Foot cushions – Available in various shapes and sizes, foot cushions are the perfect solution if your shoes chafe against your toes or heels.
  • Arch supports – Arches can be high, low or flat and if you have difficulty in walking due to this, using arch supports can be of great help. Due to their elevated appearance, arch supports are created to lend support to your foot’s natural arch.

2. Customized orthotics – For people having severe problems in their foot, ankles, hips and knees, trust the power of orthotics. These are shoe inserts that are custom-made at a podiatry clinic to support, align or enhance the functions of the knees, hips, foot, ankles and lower back inducing efficiency in walking and running. Foot orthotics are required due to the following conditions:

  • Feet hurt all the time
  • Experience severe pain in lower back, foot, shin, knee or heel region
  • Flat arches
  • Feet pointing outward or inward while walking

Customized foot orthotics are known for curing a wide range of foot problems like pain in knees and legs, heel spur, Achilles and peroneal tendonitis, running injuries, foot osteoarthritis, shin splints and many more.

What is the best way to choose the right orthotics for your feet?

It is already clear that should you experience any of the conditions mentioned above, you require foot orthotics. But should you decide what type of orthotics required on your own? Of course not! Visit a reputable podiatry clinic and consult an orthotics specialist. He/she will assess your condition and use the latest technology to create orthotics that treat your foot condition.

Conclusion – So, if you are experiencing difficulty in the lower portion of your body or unable to walk or run properly, it is time to take the help of a doctor for foot orthotics in Mandurah. He/she will determine the best type of orthotics that will enhance your foot movement and ensure more comfort and mobility.

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