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Blisters are a common, yet debilitating condition that affects runners. The best defenses are foot powder, lubricant, and good shoes and socks. Athletes should remove calluses and rough spots on their feet and also trim and smooth toenails before each race. If an existing blister bursts during the run, it can be prone to infection, so use an antiseptic on it as soon as possible post-race, followed by professional treatment.

How to prevent blister formation?

  • Reduce the thickness of corns and calluses on a regular basis. We strongly recommend you seek help from a podiatrist
  • Use a foot powder to absorb moisture before putting socks on
  • Coat your feet with a lubricant, such as Vaseline, before you run, to create a protective shield between your sock and skin
  • Make sure your shoes fit properly and are laced correctly
  • Wear blister-free socks that strip moisture from the skin, or those with reinforced toes and heels that reduce friction

Shoes need time to ‘break in’ and if you don’t give them adequate time to do so, you may find they are a haven for blisters.

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