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Peripheral Neuropathy & Its Management

Peripheral Neuropathy & Its Management with Peel Podiatry Clinic in Mandurah

Peripheral neuropathy is known as any changes to the nerves and their functionalities in the human body’s extremities, mostly in hands and feet. This type of condition results from the damages done to the peripheral nervous system that carry messages between the brain and spinal cord to different body parts of the individuals. Peripheral nerves […]

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Hammer Toes

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Hammer Toes

A hammer toe is a painful malformation or deformity in the feet and happens due to the weak muscles as well as damages on the toe’s joints and tendons. When the toes adjacent to the big toe or smallest toe in the feet, point upwards instead of lying flat, it is called a hammer toe […]

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The Role Of A Podiatrist in Treating Lower Back Pain

The back plays an intricate role in maintaining our overall wellbeing. The spine functions as the primary framework that gives a shape to our body. It is part of the nervous system and is the route for the sensory nerves to stream down from the head to the feet. However, should the health of your […]