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Call our friendly podiatrists today on (08) 9586 3046

Footwear and after-care products

Good Footwear

At Peel Podiatry we have a range of orthotics friendly shoes and sandals. We are the registered agent for Anodyne ®, Revere®, and Dr Comfort®. Although we do not stock the shoes, the order process normally arrive within one week. Our staff and podiatrist will assist you to find the perfect fit and style. Public enquiries are welcome.

orthotics friendly shoes and sandals
orthotics friendly shoes and sandals

What to Look For In Ideal Shoes

Our feet bear the extraordinary burden of our day-to-day living. They support up to 3-4 times the weight of our body and allow us to be mobile. It is important our feet are well supported and protected, so shoes play a vital role in this. Points to consider when buying shoes:

  • Have at least 2cm gap between our longest toe to the end of the shoes in adult and about 1-1.5cm gap for children
  • No pinching on the sides of the shoes. You must be able to wiggle your toes with the shoes on
  • Good midfoot support – Avoid shoes that twist easily from side to side
  • Firm heel counter with padded collar to protect and support to your heel and Achilles tendon. A well-padded collar helps to avoid irritation where the material meets your ankle
  • Choose natural upper material such as leather or natural fibres. This allows your foot to breathe and prevent tinea and blister
  • Protective toe box
  • Padded tongue to reduce foot slippage and ensure proper fit.
  • Soft lining – look for minimal number of seams to avoid irritation

After-care products

At Peel Podiatry, we stock a range of Vionic supportive thongs and Orthosleeve supportive socks for short-term support around the house. We only recommend the use of the Vionic thongs and/or Orthosleeve socks in tandem with orthotics. If you are experiencing pain, please consult our podiatrist to ensure you are receiving the right product.

We also stock a range of insoles, pressure care product, nail nourishing serum, dressing etc. We have an excellent foot moisturiser for extra dry skin that is only available to podiatry practices. Special orders such as moon boot, post-operative shoes, calipers, or Dictus® band can be arranged within 1 or 2 working days.