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June 2021
Reasons your knee hurts while walking

Why Does My Knee Hurt While Walking?

Running is a very healthy exercise as it helps you get relief from stress. On the downside, it can take a toll on your knees. The knee functions like the hinge of a door; it’s connected by a network of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. When these connective tissues are overused and injured, they become...
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Types of Foot Pain That Need a Podiatrist's Prompt Attention

Types of Foot Pain That Need a Podiatrist’s Prompt Attention

Feet. The most important part of the body that helps you to see and feel the world around you. They carry you from one place to another every day, be it in your home, at your workplace or anywhere outside. However, you don’t realize their importance unless they begin to pain and limit your daily...
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