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Reasons your knee hurts while walking

Why Does My Knee Hurt While Walking?

Running is a very healthy exercise as it helps you get relief from stress. On the downside, it can take a toll on your knees. The knee functions like the hinge of a door; it’s connected by a network of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. When these connective tissues are overused and injured, they become...
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Facts About Abnormal Foot Structures

Crucial Facts About Abnormal Foot Structures You Never Knew

Not everyone is an architect or a civil engineer but we all know how crucial the structure of a building is to keep it upright. Whether it’s constructing a skyscraper or bridge, the right support is required to regulate all the internal forces and energy in the right direction. And if it’s lacking, problems begin...
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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foot Orthotics Without Delay

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foot Orthotics Without Delay

Nowadays, foot problems are very much common among people. Old or young, you’ll hear people complaining of leg pain, ankle pain or pain in the back. While some are blessed with good looks or extraordinary talent, most of us don’t have perfect feet. Availing services for foot orthotics in Mandurah is one solution for many...
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Types of Foot Orthotics

What Are the Different Types of Foot Orthotics?

To treat a range of podiatry problems, foot orthotics can be helpful. These are custom-designed shoe inserts that lend support to your feet. Firstly, a podiatrist analyses your feet problem with the help of an optical scan. Once the expert has understood the root cause of your discomfort, he or she chooses a unique orthotics...
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foot orthotics in Mandurah

How Are Foot Orthotics Helpful in Combating Feet Problems?

Do you know wearing wrong footwear can cause several types of podiatric problems? To correct such deformities, you might need the help of orthotics as well. Sometimes, medication and physiotherapy are not enough to give you enough relief. Orthotics, the customized medical soles, can alleviate a range of foot issues. Moreover, these special soles can...
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