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Top 4 Signs that Tell You Need Foot Orthotics Immediately

Feet problems are annoying and often confine our free movements. Young or old, you will hear people complaining of ankle pain, back pain, or leg pain. As we all know that feet come in all shapes and sizes and the ground is an inflexible surface, there are bound to be a few suboptimal pairings. This is where foot orthotics proves to be really useful. You may know them as orthotics, inserts, footbeds, or insoles. Regardless of what you call them, custom orthotics can make a real improvement and treat various feet problems. They are custom-designed shoe inserts that provide support to one’s feet and can help you walk and move more freely by guarding and aligning your feet properly.

Top 4 Signs that Tell You Need Foot Orthotics Immediately

Visiting a podiatrist and availing services for foot orthotics in Mandurah or any other location provides you with faster diagnosis and recovery and prevents the surfacing of an existing problem in the first place. Having said that, a lot of people ask, “How do I know if I need orthotics?” Well, it’s easy to find out whether you need them or not. You just have to pay attention to the key indicators that tell you need orthotics. This blog will discuss the signs that tell you need foot orthotics straight away.

Top Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foot Orthotics Without Delay

There are various signs that suggest you might need custom orthotics. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  • Sharp Heel Pain

Do you feel sensitivity when the back of the foot is squeezed? Or pain at the back of the heel? Well, it can be a sign of Achilles tendinitis or plantar fasciitis. But don’t worry! Just visit an orthotics clinic in Mandurah or elsewhere and the podiatrists will analyse the condition and prescribe the right foot orthotics that will help alleviate symptoms by providing additional arch support or heel cushioning.

  • Foot Pain or Swelling During Everyday Activities

Many people avoid foot pain or swelling by blaming it on wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes. But you know, if your foot pains or swells every time you stand or walk around, you probably shouldn’t take it lightly as it may cause foot deformities. Custom orthotics can provide cushioning and support and reduce your foot pain or swelling.

  • Shoes are Worn Out

If the soles of your shoes are wearing down more on one side than on the other, it’s a sign that your orthotics are no longer supporting your feet the way they used to. It can be easily resolved when you consult a podiatrist who provides the best services for foot orthotics in Mandurah or any other location. He/she will address the issue by recommending the right orthotics.

  • Standing on Your Feet for Long Periods  

If you have a job that demands you to be on your feet, play sports, or run frequently, it can lead to plantar fasciitis. Custom orthotics can guard against conditions like plantar fasciitis and help you avoid foot pain. They are used to relieve the pressure on your plantar fascia, making it easier to stand properly.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these, there are many other signs that indicate you might need orthotics. Some of these include a high arch, injury on a lower limb, and diabetic foot complications among others. At Peel Podiatry Clinic, our team consists of well-experienced podiatrists and provides the best services for foot orthotics in Mandurah. In addition to that, we also offer a wide range of services, including nail and skincare and specialised foot assessments for those who have sports injuries. In case you want to know more on the subject or book an appointment with the experts at Peel Podiatry Clinic, call at (08) 9586 3046.

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