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What Are Fungal Nail Infections and What Causes Them?

Fungal nail infections are common foot conditions that cause small cracks in the nails, allowing germs to enter the nails and cause an infection. It generally starts off as one tiny spot and then travels through the entire nail. Although it isn’t usually painful, it can be unsightly to look at. So, should you want to treat the fungus and get back clear and healthy-looking nails, we would recommend you consult an experienced podiatrist. He or she will diagnose the condition and recommend the most effective treatment. And in case you are a resident of Mandurah or nearby areas, you can visit At Peel Podiatry ClinicOur podiatrists will assess your foot’s condition and provide a customised fungal nail treatment in Mandurah.

Did you know that according to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 14% of the population suffers from fungal nail infection? Well, that’s true! And with so many people being affected, numerous treatments have been developed to resolve this issue and help people grow lean and healthy toenails all over again. Want to know what a fungal nail infection is and its most common causes? Well, keep reading the blog until the end.

Fungal Nail Infection & Their Causes


  • What Are Fungal Nail Infections?

A fungal nail infection usually happens when fungi get between the toenail and the tissue right underneath it. This happens through a cut or cracks in your toe. However, as it starts subtly, you may not notice anything different with your nail immediately. After a while, though, you see some noticeable differences that indicate a fungal infection. The infection of the toenails affects a large number of people and is caused by factors such as poor foot hygiene, senility, damp climate, trauma, and unfit footwear. There is usually no pain or other bodily symptoms unless the disease is severe. Remember, if ignored or not treated properly, the fungus spreads to the surrounding areas, damaging the nail and nail bed permanently.

However, should you be located in Mandurah or nearby areas, you can easily get rid of the infection by visiting Peel Podiatry Clinic and opting for our Lunula laser treatment in Mandurah. Our podiatrists will diagnose the condition and use Lunula laser therapy to remove the fungus from the infected areaIt is a highly effective and painless solution to treat the infection and only needs four 12-minute sessions to treat the affected area. And in case you want to know more about fungal nail infections, you may read our blog “5 Things That You Should Know About Fungal Nail Infections”.

  • Most Common Causes of a Fungal Nail Infection

There are numerous things that can cause fungal nail infections. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Athlete’s Foot: If someone has an athlete’s foot, he or she is more likely to have fungal nail infections. This is because the fungus that causes an athlete’s foot can spread to your nails and infect them. Due to this reason, our podiatrist providing fungal nail treatment in Mandurah strongly recommend visiting a doctor and getting the right treatment. He or she will kill the fungus, thus preventing the infection from spreading.

Walking Barefoot Around Public Spaces: The fungus that causes fungal nail infections thrives in warm and moist environments. Places like locker rooms, swimming pools, and gym showers are areas that help the fungus naturally overpopulate. Hence, try to avoid walking barefoot in these damp public spaces and keep your feet dry as much as possible.

Spending a Lot of Time in the Water: Do you take long showers or spend too much time in the water? If so, you need to stop doing that should you want to prevent fungal nail infections. As mentioned earlier, the fungus grows in wet conditions. And if your nails stay wet for a long time, the fungus can enter your nail through small cracks and cause an infection.

Wearing Tight-fitting Shoes: Wearing pointed or closed-toe shoes can also lead to fungal nail infections. Hence, make sure to wear shoes with a wide toe area and good support. Added to that, you also need to wear socks made of wicking material such as polyester. They will absorb the moisture from your skin and keep your feet dry.


Wrapping Up

Fungal nail infections can be both painful and unsightly, and they can also lead to more serious complications if left untreated. Hence, should you want to get rid of them, taking the proper treatment is important. And in case you are searching for a reputable clinic that offers the best fungal nail treatment in Mandurahreach out to us. Depending on the severity of the infection, our team, at Peel Podiatry Clinicwill provide you with a customised treatment plan. To book an appointment, visit us today.

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