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Types of Foot Pain That Need a Podiatrist’s Prompt Attention

Feet. The most important part of the body that helps you to see and feel the world around you. They carry you from one place to another every day, be it in your home, at your workplace or anywhere outside. However, you don’t realize their importance unless they begin to pain and limit your daily movements, do you? When your heel, ankle or calf muscle hurts, you wonder why it’s paining and pop a painkiller to get relief at once. That’s actually a wrong decision taken at the wrong time! Instead, it would be best if you were visiting reputable podiatrists in Mandurah who’ll provide accurate diagnosis and treatment to prevent the problem from escalating.

Types of Foot Pain That Need a Podiatrist's Prompt Attention

Your feet bear the brunt of your workload throughout the day, especially if your profession demands you to remain standing for most of the time. However, foot pains are of various kinds, each having a different reason from the other. But how to know which type of foot pain requires the immediate attention of a podiatrist? Keep calm, for this blog will tell you all!

A Podiatrist Should Immediately treat types of Foot Pain That:

1. Pain in the heel: Plantar fasciitis could be the reason why your heels pain while walking. The heel is connected to the toes through a tough tissue. Plantar fasciitis occurs when this tissue becomes overused or strained. If you’re having plantar fasciitis, you’re likely to experience pain in the heel and arch, especially in the morning.

Besides plantar fasciitis, heel spurs can also be a reason why your heel pains. These are unusual growths on the heel that occur due to wearing wrong shoes or bad posture. Other reasons for heel pain include:

  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Sesamoids
  • Heel fractures
  • Stone bruises

2. Toe pain: Gout is the number one reason that affects the toes. The pain occurs because crystals accumulate in toe joints that also result in swelling. It is a kind of arthritis typically involving the big toe.

Bunions develop as bony extension along the edge of the foot beneath the big toe. Read more details about bunions in the following point.

If the second, third or fourth toe buckles up at the middle and the affected toe sticks out, it is called a hammertoe.

Claw toe is another condition in which the toe cannot straighten but always points up or down. Thus the pain.

3. Arch pain: Plantar fasciitis doesn’t affect the heel only. It also affects the arch of the foot. Irrespective of the location, you’ll be diagnosed with the same treatment upon visiting a podiatry clinic.

When the arches of the feet become flat while walking or standing, the condition is known as fallen arches or flat feet that cause foot pain. Qualified podiatrists treat flat feet with custom foot orthotics, shoe inserts, podiatrist-recommended shoes and advice taking sufficient rest and physical therapy.

4. Pain in the foot: Do you feel pain at the base of the big toe? Is there swelling along with pain? Then it could either be turf toe or toe sprain.

Turf toe happens due to strain or overuse from obstructing or kicking the big toe repeatedly.

You’ve heard of leg and ankle sprain, now, there’s toe sprain too. It’s a type of ligament injury that causes pain and swelling. The reasons are similar to a turf toe. Other reasons for foot pain include foot fractures, corns and calluses and Hallux rigidus, among others. To prevent the pain from getting worse, it’s always better to visit specialized podiatrists in Mandurah for proper treatment at the right time.

5. Bunion: If you notice a bump at the joint connecting the big toe to the foot, you have a bunion. It’s a type of foot condition that affects the big toe and pushes it towards the second toe. Consequently, you experience pain and discomfort in the second and third toes also. The following are the reasons why bunions develop:

  • Hereditary conditions
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Foot injuries
  • Birth deformities

Using correct footwear, custom foot orthotics and physiotherapy are some of the best practices recommended by experienced podiatrists in Mandurah.

6. Ball of the foot pain: Having pain at the ball of the foot, that is, in the area located at the base of the foot behind the toes, indicates nerve or joint injury. Metatarsalgia could be the reason why you’re having pain in the ball of your foot. This type of overuse injury can happen when you’re involved in strenuous activities or wearing ill-fitting shoes.

When the tissues surrounding the nerves between the bases of the toes thicken, you feel pain and numbness on the ball of your foot. This condition is called Morton’s neuroma. It usually occurs as a result of wearing excessive-high heels or tight-fitting shoes.

Sesamoids are tendons connecting the two bones near the big toe. Sesamoiditis, a form of tendonitis, is the inflammation or injury of these tendons that causes pain in the foot.

Let Your Foot Pain Be Diagnosed and Cured By the Best Podiatrists in Mandurah

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