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Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Foot Health

Walking is an indispensable activity of our daily life. Even if our day only needs us to walk from the car to the workplace and back home. We are often needed to spend some time on our feet irrespective of types of activities , we do at our home or outside. However we often neglect to take care of our foot health, and the reasons are many. It could be trying to be on-trend with the latest fashion footwear which does not offer proper room for toes or running barefoot. A lot of us carry on daily activities without much caring about our foot health which may be detrimental in the long run.

It is best that one should visit a podiatrist to get the best advice about the good health of their feet.

Here is a list of reasons that are potential causes of hurting our feet in the long term.

Bad habits that harm foot health

Going barefoot in a public shower
The fungus can grow everywhere and it can easily infect your feet. If you experience changes in skin pigmentation, redness or itchiness, then it may be a result of a fungal infection. Using gym locker room and public shower can cause this infection. These places are the breeding grounds for fungi which can easily attack human barefoot.

Not drying your feet before wearing socks and shoes
Wet surfaces are the most susceptible place where germs can grow easily. The dark and enclosed wet surface is a den of fungi breeding and bacterial growth. Thus wet socks and shoes cause favourable situation for bacterial growth. Surplus of bacterial growth definitely causes a foul smell on the feet. This scenario would definitely cause social awkwardness. As per the suggestion by podiatrists at Peel Podiatry Clinic in Mandurah, one must thoroughly dry after a foot or bath wash as well as the corners between the toes. Application of foot powder would also help to dilute the remaining wetness on the feet and prevent the sweat of the feet.

Ignoring clues on your feet
Ignoring the clues on our feet can cause a serious health condition. Any unusual occurrence on the feet can be a symptom of a severe health condition. It is best to consult with podiatrists Mandurah, so one can eliminate any doubts about that condition. For example, if you suddenly start experiencing unusual hair shedding on your feet, it may be caused by poor blood circulation. We recommend you check your feet daily.

Wearing pointed shoes frequently
Wearing pointed and fashionable shoes can definitely make you appear trendy, but it can compromise the health of your feet as per the recommendation from the podiatrists at Peel Podiatry Clinic in Mandurah. This type of footwear can even cause ailments like bunions, hammer toes, corn and calluses which are extremely painful in nature with swollen feet. Pointed pumps that push toes to squeeze into a clinched space, if one wears them for too long.

Dismissing fungus on toenails
A certain discoloration and thickening on toenails may indicates that you may have fungal toenails. These type of condition may cause not itchiness on the nails. It is advisable to consult with a podiatrist to receive proper treatment for a fungal toenail.

Discounting the difference on the lengths of your toes
Most individuals believe toe length organization of feet are the same but they are wrong. Knowing the toe lengths help you to select the right footwear, ideal for space. The Podiatrists at Peel Podiatry clinic are trained to understand the toe length structure so you can avoid conditions like hammer toes and bunions.

Not having yourself checked for diabetes
Our certain health conditions can definitely signify the overall health. Diabetes is one of the ailments can directly impact, one’s foot health. As diabetes weakens the circulatory system, the distribution of nutrition system gets directly hampered. Since it resides farthest from the heart, it gets hampered badly. So it is advisable diabetic patients must check up regularly with Podiatric treatment Mandurah to avoid any severe condition.

With being said most of the foot problems originate from bad habits and wearing ill-fitted shoes. For the best practices, please consult a podiatrist to take care of your feet in a proper manner.

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