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What Are the Causes of Knee Pain And Its Remedy?

As the largest joint in the body, your knees undergo a lot of stress and strain in your lifetime. These can result in a searing knee pain that can be debilitating and has the potential to render you immobile. Among the various causes of knee pain such as tendonitis, stretched ligament, muscle pain, and arthritis, there is the Patellofemoral Syndrome. The specific ailment is mostly found to be pronounced in people doing activities like climbing up or down the stairs, squatting, kneeling or running.

knee pain causes and remedies

Podiatry services in Mandurah can be of help in providing relief in cases of various types of knee pain.

Knee pain facts

  1. The problem of knee pain has various causes that may range from acute injuries to complications from medical conditions.

  2. The pain could be localised in nature or could be diffused throughout the knee.

  3. Physical restriction could accompany knee pain.

  4. A complete physical examination will diagnose the actual disease.

  5. The treatment depends on the deep-rooted causes.

  6. The prognosis of knee pain is not complicated however, it might sometime require a surgery or other remedy.

The causes of knee pain

Knee pain could be segregated into 3 major categories:

  • Acute injury: A broken bone, a meniscal tear or a torn ligament could be the causes of knee pain.

  • Medical conditions: Arthritis or infections could be the reasons for knee pain.

  • Overuse conditions: Patellar syndromes, osteoarthritis, tendinitis or bursitis could be the causes of knee pain.

A few of the common causes of knee pain belonging to the above categories could shed a light on this issue:

  1. Fractures: Most of the knee fractures are extremely painful and also interfere with the accurate functioning of the knee like kneecap fracture. Tibial plateau fracture could make it impossible to bear weight. Immediate medical attention is necessary for all kinds of fracture. Many fractures require the application of force. Along with detecting the fracture, other injuries are diagnosed during such acute injuries.

  2. Ligament injuries: Anterior cruciate ligament injury is the most common type of ligament injury. Mostly, these types of injuries take place because of a sudden stop or modifications in directions. The less frequently injured ligaments are called posterior cruciate ligaments, lateral collateral ligaments and medial collateral ligaments.

  3. Meniscus injuries: The medial and lateral together make the menisci. They are made up of cartilages and absorb the shocks between the knee bones. Knee twisting may be the cause of meniscus injuries.

  4. Dislocation: A dislocated knee joint needs an immediate attention. It is a sort of medical emergency that might stop the blood flow and have many other related problems.

  5. Medical conditions: Rheumatoid arthritis, gout and septic arthritis are few medical conditions that may give rise to extreme knee pain. If ignored, these might aggravate towards even disability.

  6. Overuse conditions: Patellar tendinitis often strikes the athletes who repeat the exercise motions. This is simply an inflammation of the patella tendon.

Modern treatment processes like shockwave therapy and orthotics could be immensely helpful in solving the medical issues related to overuse injuries, patellofemoral syndrome, and arthritis to the knee. When you face such issues, without losing time, you should visit the doctor.

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