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Heel Pain in Children – Why It Shouldn’t be Ignored?

Your child might not need many reasons to run around the whole house. You might be even nurturing a growing sports star in your family! But what if you hear him/her complaining about painful heels time and again – or you figure out that your child is trying really hard to hide the truth about painful heels?

One of the most common paediatric complaints is heel pain in children. As parents, you experience a heart-wrenching feeling to see your child suffer. Heel pain in children can often take a serious turn and can be treated effectively if you avail proper podiatry services in Mandurah on time. So when should you see a podiatrist if your heel pain is affecting your child’s mobility?

Heel Pain in Children - Why It Shouldn’t be Ignored

If the heel pain continues for more than a few days Heel pain associated with certain activities, for instance: if running or walking normally causes pain in the heels.

In most cases, heel pain in children is successfully treated with the right podiatry services. However, ignoring the condition can transform a mild problem into worst.

In this blog, we shall see some of the major causes of heel pain in children.

  1. Sever’s Disease: Sever’s Disease is one of the most common causes of heel pain in athletic children, especially in the age group of 5-11 years. Rather than a disease, this is a form of injury due to repetitive micro trauma occurring during sports or running activities. Excessive running or jumping often results in Sever’s Disease usually common among soccer, basketball and marathon athletes. Symptoms include swelling in the heels, pain at the back of the heel or sensitivity when the back of the foot is squeezed.
  2. Achilles Tendinitis: Children experiencing a sudden increase in physical activity may develop Achilles tendinitis. If your child is new into sports like football or basketball or even dance and complains of pain at the heel or back of the foot, he/she might be suffering from Achilles tendinitis. The function of Achilles tendon is to attach the two calf muscles to the heel bone, thereby allowing the foot to propel forward while walking or running. When the Achilles tendon suffers inflammation, it causes swelling and pain, inducing difficulty in walking. A timely visit to a podiatry clinic can prevent the problem from getting worse. The doctor will analyse the condition and prescribe the right foot orthotics that will provide gradual relief.
  3. Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar fascia is a band of connective tissue stretching from the arch of the heel to the front portion of the foot. An injury to the plantar fascia exhibits symptoms like pain in the sole near the heel, excessive tenderness or tightness at the arch of the foot and obviously difficulty in walking. Children engaged in sports that entail excessive running or jumping, experience a sudden increase in activity or wear shoes that offer poor support or are worn out, are likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis. But don’t worry! With foot orthotics made using advanced 3D laser scan, your child will no longer need to relive those painful days again.

Conclusion: Heel pain is common in children who are largely involved in rigorous physical activities. Also, repeatedly wearing the wrong shoe size or poor quality shoes can result in the above-mentioned conditions. However, if your child complains of heel pain frequently, it is better not to ignore since it could worsen the existing condition. Sever’s Disease, Achilles tendinitis or Plantar Fasciitis, you really don’t know what is causing the heel pain in your child. Hence, availing the best podiatry services in Mandurah at the right time is crucial if you want to see your child walking, running and jumping comfortably, unlike before. To know more about our podiatry services, phone us (08) 9586 3046.

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