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How Can Podiatrists Save Your Feet from the Ill Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes happens to be one of the debilitating ailments that is caused due to an increased level of blood glucose in the body and the inability of our body to regulate it. The common symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, fatigue, and frequent urination among others. It is also the leading cause of foot amputations worldwide. This happens due to the dying of nerve endings of the feet and the inability of blood to reach the very extremities of the feet. Also, since the blood helps to keep the skin, bones and tissues healthy, its absence causes infections to take root. Both the above mentioned reasons – decreased blood flow to the extremities of the feet as well as nerve damage can subject your feet to permanent damage even to the extent of requiring amputation should you not take care of the same in time.

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Diabetes and Podiatry
Foot ulcers can be one of the manifestations of diabetes and in severe cases need hospitalization. These are mainly caused by neuropathy (nerve damage) or poor arterial circulation. In fact, in the majority of cases, foot ulceration can lead to amputation of the foot. The main reason for diabetes related foot amputation is due to late diagnosis of the problem. Since the nerve damage prevents the patient to identify the problem let alone judge its severity, the ulcers can grow rapidly often to the point of no return. However, the podiatry services in Mandurah and elsewhere are effective in diagnosing the damage and preventing it from spreading further.

Podiatrists can detect the early signs of nerve damage from diabetes and provide tips on foot care. Besides, they treat the problems as well should they arise in the first place. As the adage goes, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ it is important for the diabetics and others to take proper care of their feet. This way they can prevent further complications to develop. Let us find out the ways to take care of your feet and prevent them from the ill effects of diabetes.

Preventing feet condition in diabetics and others

Control blood glucose level: Since the increase in your blood glucose level is the primary reason for diabetes (lack of insulin production or the inability of the body cells to respond adequately to insulin being the others,) it should be monitored from time to time. This should be accompanied by diet control, exercising, and medication (if needed.)

Proper foot care routine: Follow a proper foot care routine including wearing shoes (or any good footwear) when going out, washing your feet with soap and lukewarm water, and looking for pebbles, nails or thorns inside footwear. Also, watch out for the area inside your toes by using a mirror.

Improve blood circulation in your feet: Since an increased flow of blood in your feet can keep it healthy, use tips such as – not sitting or standing for long periods, not wearing tight socks, not smoking, and exercising daily.

Diabetes, if not controlled, can lead to complications such as foot ulcers, nerve damage and poor blood circulation. The Mandurah Podiatry clinic can help in diagnosing the early signs of diabetes and treat the same at reasonable rates.

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