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Plantar Wars & Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist in Mandurah

Plantar Warts & Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist in Mandurah?

Every part of your body is important. Be it your hands, eyes, nose or teeth, our daily activities get affected when one of it starts troubling us. Similarly, your feet are also a valuable part of your existence. Any kind of severe feet problem and you will be restricted from continuing with your regular movement....
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A Podiatrist’s take on Corn and Calluses

A Podiatrist’s take on Corn and Calluses

Two of the most common foot problems are corns and calluses, usually a result of friction or pressure. While many people confuse between the two, ignore the condition, and even treat them the same way, the conditions only get worse with time. It is, thus, crucial to know the difference between the two and why...
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Heel Pain in Children - Why It Shouldn’t be Ignored

Heel Pain in Children – Why It Shouldn’t be Ignored?

Your child might not need many reasons to run around the whole house. You might be even nurturing a growing sports star in your family! But what if you hear him/her complaining about painful heels time and again – or you figure out that your child is trying really hard to hide the truth about...
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Sport's podiatrist tips

Podiatry Services for Athletes to Maintain Healthy Feet

Whether you are a sport professional or engage in rigorous activities on a daily basis, your feet take the ultimate impact. Breaks and ankle sprains are the most common sports-related injuries athletes face all time due to the over usage of their feet. Podiatrists are qualified to treat and diagnose such injuries and offer proper...
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Podiatrists in Mandurah

5 Reasons to Visit Podiatrists in Mandurah

When it comes to managing and evaluating foot-related pain and ailments, podiatrists are well equipped to assist individuals to get back on track. A Podiatrist offers specialized foot care to the patients which are difficult to find from any other medical practitioners. 1. Aching feet and injury: Fatigue of the legs often appear after a...
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