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How do Podiatry Services Treat Foot Problems in Kids?

Parents all over the world have one thing in common –they simply want their kids to be happy and healthy. In all likelihood, you probably don’t give this a lot of thought but your child’s feet play a vital role in both happiness and health. From the time a child a born, their feet start a journey of transformation that will last several years. Podiatry services include specialised foot assessments for those who need orthotics or have foot problems like clubfoot and growth plate injuries to keep your kids’ feet in the best shape and state.

How do Podiatry Services Treat Foot Problems in Kids?

Most Common Foot Problems Found in Kids

Kids suffer from several foot conditions just like adults including flat feet, warts, ingrown toenails and heel pain. Some of these problems might happen more frequently due to the nature of your kids’ growing bodies and their active lifestyles.

This blog will discuss some of the most common foot problems in kids and their solutions.

  • Growing Pain

Growing pains are one of the most common foot problems faced by kids and in some extreme cases, it can cause quite a lot of discomfort. When bones grow, they are softer and can be more susceptible to injury. So, if you are unsure about your kid’s foot’s condition, going to a professional podiatrist is highly advisable. The professionals can suggest strategies to help strengthen and align the lower limb to help diminish the problem.

  • Warts

A plantar wart is a skin lesion on the sole of the foot that is caused by a virus. They can sometimes grow into clusters and become painful if left unchecked. Also, they are very contagious. Warts are easy to treat only if you avail of proper podiatry services that include specialised treatments for the removal of the virus.

  • Heel Pain

If your kid feels pain in their heel, there are high chances that the reason could be Sever’s Disease, which is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel bone. However, it can be treated with foot orthoses, stretching exercises, and symptomatic care.

  • Ingrown Toenail

When the edges or corners of the toenail grow into the skin next to the nail, it is called ingrown toenail. You must visit a podiatrist for ingrown toenail treatment in Mandurah if your kids have signs of infection like bleeding, pain, overgrowth of skin around the toe, and oozing pus. However, make sure your children wear shoes with proper fitting and cut their toenails to avoid getting ingrown toenails.

  • Sports Injuries

Kids are supposed to be active, but a body in motion is always going to have at least a certain degree of injury risk, even after taking various safety measures. Now, when it comes to sports injuries, foot and ankle injuries are the most common ones. So, it’s better to visit sports podiatrists as they provide specialised treatment for soft tissues injuries and mechanical conditions of the foot utilising the latest Shockwave technology.


Foot problems are of various kinds and the ones discussed above are best addressed by podiatrists. If your kid is suffering from foot pain or you are concerned about the proper development of their feet, do not hesitate to visit a podiatrist. Peel Podiatry Clinic offers the best podiatry services for the entire family, from children, the elderly, athletes, and sports enthusiasts, including patients with diabetes. To book an appointment, visit us today.


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