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What are the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Diabetic Foot?

Diabetic foot is one of the most common complications of Diabetes Mellitus, a chronic disease that is characterised by high blood sugar levels brought about by the absence of insulin or insufficient production of insulin by the body.  According to the Australian Medical Association, the effects of elated blood sugar can lead to significant damage to the feet, nerves, kidneys, among others. The experts of diabetic foot care in Mandurah recommend that the basic treatments simultaneously involve controlling blood sugar and maintaining a good foot care regime.

What are the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Diabetic Foot?

Being a diabetic, you may be at greater risk of injury or infection to your feet due to nerve damage and reduced blood flow. For example, the disabled nerves in your feet can’t receive the brain’s message to sweat and causes changes to your feet’ shape.

How to Take Care of Your Diabetic Foot

Diabetes puts you at a higher risk for calluses, corns, bunions, blisters, and ulcers, among other foot problems. Hence, the health of your feet can not be ignored at all if you suffer from diabetes.

Let’s look at some of the ways to protect your feet if you have diabetes.

  • Avoid Walking Barefoot

Wearing shoes with good support to protect your feet can be one of the best ways when you are diabetic. You may not realise but walking around your home without shoes can cause cuts, scrapes, and penetration by splinters, debris, and dirt, among other things. The podiatrists in Mandurah strictly recommend examining your feet daily. Carefully check both feet for areas of redness, cuts, bruising, or blisters.

  • Choose the Right Shoes and Slippers

Always wear well-fitting shoes, hosiery, and socks. Also, it’s important that shoes are perfectly fitted with adequate support, correct width, firm heel, leather uppers and deep toe box with rubber soles. Cotton and wool socks can be an ideal option, avoiding elastic tops, seams, or holes which may cause needless pressure.

  • Control Blood Sugar

Since the increase in your blood glucose level is the primary reason for diabetes (lack of insulin production or the inability of the body cells to respond adequately to insulin being the others,) it should be monitored from time to time. The best way to control your blood glucose levels is by maintaining your management plans, such as exercise, medication, and diet. This will lessen the risk of nerve and circulatory damage, therefore helping you to prevent foot problems.

  • Keep your Feet Dry

As part of your daily foot inspection, be sure to clean and dry them thoroughly, especially between the toes. In addition to keeping your feet dry, make sure to use a daily lotion or moisturiser for your feet to keep them moisturised. This will help you to avoid any possible infection.

  • Get in Touch with Professionals

Remember, diabetes, like any other disease, can strike anyone at any point in time. People at large should come out of their stupor and break the notion that this ‘won’t happen to me.’ So, should someone is affected by diabetes, he or she should not aggravate the disease by carrying out ‘home treatment’ but avail of podiatric services that offer the best diabetic foot care in Mandurah and get the much-needed treatment.


Prevention and early diagnosis can help save your foot, toe, or leg from getting amputated. Examine your feet daily, take care of them and pay attention to what it is trying to tell you. Podiatrists at Peel Podiatry Clinic provide optimal services for diabetic foot care in MandurahTo book an appointment, visit us today.

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