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Top 5 Feet Problems That can be Treated by Orthotics

Orthotics are something that not everyone will need. While some are blessed with good looks or extraordinary talent, most of us don’t have perfect feet. Availing services for foot orthotics in Mandurah is one solution for many painful foot problems. Wondering what foot orthotics is? They are shoe inserts designed to support, align, and improve the functions of the foot, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

Top 5 Feet Problems That can be Treated by Orthotics

For people having severe problems in their feet, ankles, hips and knees, trust the power of orthotics. Shoe inserts provide additional support, thereby improving your movement and reducing discomfort. Added to that, since custom inserts are designed to meet your unique feet requirement, they offer greater comfort with better functionality. This blog will highlight the top five feet problems that can be treated by orthotics.

What Problems can be Treated with Orthotics?

Knee Pain

Most people will experience knee pain or discomfort at some point in life. As the largest joint in the body, your knees undergo a lot of stress and strain in your lifetime. These can result in searing knee pain that can be debilitating and has the potential to render you immobile. Foot orthotics in Mandurah can make up for biomechanical or structural issues in your ankles or feet. They not only provide cushioning to your feet and heels, which reduces the amount of impact your knees will feel when you walk or run but can also help improve the alignment of the foot and ankle.


The tendon that runs from the calf muscle down to the back of the heel bone is called the Achilles tendon. When the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed, it can be quite discomforting and also cause pain. Symptoms include stiffness of the lower leg and severe pain when jumping, stair climbing and running. Custom orthotics reduce the load or strain on the Achilles tendon and help to improve your foot function, optimize joint movement, and support your foot to allow the tissue to heal.

Shin Splints

Shin splints occur when the muscles and tendons surrounding the tibia (the long bone between knee and heel) become inflamed due to repetitive stress. Orthotics are an effective, fast and safe way to treat shin splints. The experts at a renowned orthotics clinic in Mandurah provide the right orthotics to help strengthen the muscles around the tibia and help reduce the pain due to this.

Flat Foot

As the name suggests, flat foot is when the foot touches the ground completely while standing since there is an absence of arch in the middle of the foot or it is very low. Some of the most common causes include weak arches, foot or ankle injury, and arthritis, among others. Using orthotics is indeed the best idea. They can assist with a person’s mobility by correcting the function of the foot and providing the exact support your feet need to prevent knee or ankle pain it causes.

The Bottom Line

Orthotics remains the best and the most cost-effective method of treating a slew of feet abnormalities. It is arguably the better way to cure a person of such abnormalities than going through costly and painful surgery. Podiatrists at Peel Podiatry Clinic provide optimal services for foot orthotics in Mandurah. To book an appointment, visit us today.

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