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The Various Types Of Foot Ailments Aggravated By Sports

Staying involved in sports and other fitness activities are good for health but not always for your feet. Professional sportspersons have to stay under proper guidance and have to go through different courses of training in order to stay fit without hurting themselves especially their feet.

There are several foot problems that might get exacerbated with faulty fitness practices and over usage of certain parts. Feet ailments can be excruciating at times and can pose lifelong threats in some cases. Proper medical attention and a regular check-up from professionals in sports injury treatment from Mandurah is imperative for people associated with running or other athletic activity. One can effectively restrain from foot problems if he/she is aware of the different ailments that can possibly be a threat.

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What are the different foot ailments?

  • Sprains – These are injuries to a ligament, fibrous tissue or the tough. The injuries affecting ligaments essentially involve tearing or stretching of the tissues. More often than not, sprains do not pose a serious threat but sometimes can be critical if a person lands or falls on a stretched part of the body. The impact results in overstretch of the body part which in turn hurts the ligament.
  • Strain – These injuries affect the muscles and tendons. Strains can be minor or major in terms of severity and the minor ones are just overstretched muscles or tendons while the major ones can tear the tissues partially or completely. Strains can essentially be of two types: acute or chronic. Acute strains are caused by a sudden blow to the body or overstressing the muscles while chronic strains are caused due to overuse of certain muscles and tendons for a long time.
  • Fractures – These are small cracks in bones that can develop on the account of poor foot function. Athletes who are into running, develop fractures in the bones of the mid foot.
  • Bursitis – There is a fluid-filled sac between the tendon and skin. These sacs sometimes suffer inflammation and the condition is termed as bursitis. In conditions like this, medical attention from a reputed podiatrist in Mandurah is necessary.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – This condition is commonly known as heel pain and is characterized by inflammation of the tissue known as the plantar fascia. The tissue extends from the base of the toes to the bottom of the heel bone. The common causes of this ailment are excessive pronation (rolling in), excessive standing and walking, improper shoes, and overweight. Certain sports such as running and squash can contribute to early onset of plantar fasciitis.
  • Shin Splints – These are injuries that occur in the front and/or inside section of the legs. The risk factors for shin splints include running, excessive pronation, and poor footwear. Over-use will lead to fatigue of the muscles and reduce shock absorption. This injury is most commonly found in athletes associated with running.

Conclusion: There a lot of injuries that can pose a serious threat to athletes. Sports injuries seem to be very common and fortunately, they can be treated in various ways. Learning the aforementioned injuries can be helpful and regular check-up can be extremely beneficial.

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