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Why Should You Try Orthotics To Get Relief From Back Pain?

Back pain, especially in the lower spinal region, can be a cause of acute distress often immobilizing people. Even if the causes can be many – ranging from maintaining an improper posture while walking or lifting of heavy weights to carrying out a strenuous activity, back pain may or may not require any invasive surgery. Importantly, back pain caused due to the shape of your feet or ankle can be mitigated by using foot orthotics, that is, without any invasive surgery or the popping of pills.

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How your feet can be a cause for back pain?
When you stand on your feet your posture or the lack of it can often lead to back pain. Remember! Your feet play a big role in keeping your posture as erect in addition to other parts such as the spine, hips etc. So, if your feet are uneven (one is smaller or relatively flat than the other,) they can cause a misalignment in your body wherein the natural arc involving your spine and the lower part can get impacted.

The misalignment can create pressure points in your body leading to pain (including back pain) that can range from being mild to severe. Needless to say, back pain can lead to discomfort impacting your daily life. So, instead of neglecting the pain especially during the initial stages, consulting experts at the Orthotics clinic in Mandurah should be considered. Moreover, correcting your posture by using the science of Orthotics is always preferable (and easier) than suffering its consequences in the long run and going through costly and invasive procedures later.

How orthotics or shoe inserts can help bring relief from back pain
Since any misalignment or imbalance in the posture of your body especially in the lower extremities can be caused due to uneven feet, restoring the balance by way of foot levelling is the best way out. This is where foot orthotics as a specialised discipline can be of help. Orthotics refers to the custom made shoe inserts that are used to align, support or balance the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. In other words, these professionally designed inserts can correct an improper posture or an abnormal gait leading to the mitigation of conditions like a pain in the lower vertebrae or in the weight bearing parts like knee joints, ankles, hips and knees.

Orthotics services in Mandurah, the non-invasive way to improve gait
Correcting the imbalance in gait caused due to flat or uneven feet is best addressed by foot orthotics or by inserting custom made inserts inside the shoes. Besides, it is quite easy to follow: just wear the shoe with inserts and go about your business. As the inserts help to level the unevenness of your feet, the balance in your gait is restored and you end up getting relief from the debilitating back pain. This is undoubtedly the safest drug free and non-invasive way of alleviating back pain without surgery.

Back pain can be a cause of real distress limiting your everyday life. Among its many causes, the one involving the uneven level of your feet can be easily mitigated by using the orthotics services at Peel Podiatry clinic.

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