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What Are The Safe Walking Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit?

The adage, ‘Health is Wealth’ underpins the importance of keeping healthy. Besides, taking a healthy diet and having adequate sleep, you should do regular exercise as well. And if a rigorous exercise routine seem to be hectic then why not start with walking instead. Yes, walking can be a good exercise if done in the correct way. It will not only make your limbs flexible, make your lungs and heart healthy, enhance your mood but also build immunity in you to fight diseases. So, take a brisk walk every morning or evening either alone or with friends or family members. The latter can help boost your social life as well. In order to gain the benefits of walking, complement it with eating healthy food and refraining from smoking and drinking.

walking tips to stay healthy and fit

A few walking tips

#1. Warming up: It is advisable that you begin walking slowly and thereafter, increase the speed gradually. This helps your body tissues to warm up and prepare for the changes that walking can induce such as speeding the heart rate, quicker blood circulation etc.

#2. Correct posture and technique: While walking try to keep your spine upright. This keeps the muscles and tissues of your back and feet relaxed and in shape. The number of patients complaining of lower back or leg pain while visiting the Podiatry clinic at Mandurah can prevent the onset of such pain if they maintain a correct posture while doing their daily activities like walking. The elderly should ideally carry a walking stick to maintain balance.

#3. Wear correct footwear: Improper footwear can cause an increased wear and tear of the tissues of your feet. In case you suffer from flat feet, then avail the Orthotics services at Peel Podiatry Clinic in Mandurah.

#4. Hydration: You expend energy while walking, which leads the cells and tissues to consume more quantity of water than otherwise. Thus, you should carry a small bottle of water while walking to remain hydrated.

#5. Clothing: You should wear clothes according to the seasons. In summer, wear loose fitting cotton clothes to let your body perspire while in winter, cover yourself in woollens to keep the cold at bay.

#6. Cooling down: After walking, bring your elevated body temperature to normal by cooling down.

Benefits of walking

  1. Helps in losing weight: Obesity has become a major health concern the world over. It not only slows down the metabolic rate of a person but creates conditions for lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and stroke. Excessive body weight can put a lot of strain on the knees, joints and feet leading to lower back pain, leg pain, joint pain etc. Although you can address the issues of pain by visiting specialists like a Podiatrist in Mandurah, it is better to prevent such pain by burning the excess calories.
  2. Keeps the heart strong: A sedentary lifestyle has increased the chances of contracting coronary heart disease. This has become one of the leading causes of mortality in today’s times. However, you can keep such diseases at bay by walking briskly for an hour or so every day. This will increase your heart rate, speed up metabolism, and burn excess calories, especially in the arteries. A brisk walking can keep in check the rising menace of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Walking should be an essential part of your daily routine. It keeps you healthy and fit. The tips mentioned above should be followed to enjoy the benefits.

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