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5 Reasons to Visit Podiatrists in Mandurah

When it comes to managing and evaluating foot-related pain and ailments, podiatrists are well equipped to assist individuals to get back on track. A Podiatrist offers specialized foot care to the patients which are difficult to find from any other medical practitioners.

1. Aching feet and injury: Fatigue of the legs often appear after a certain period of standing or walking. Due to the huge impact the feet or legs endure every day, they are often subjected to injuries and pain and it is a common problem among athletes. Sportsmen/sportswoman have to practice regularly to stay fit. However, if the practice regime they are following is faulty, then it can have an adverse impact on their body. In any sports, the use of feet is maximum, therefore athletes should regularly take the advice of professionals from the podiatry services in Mandurah to have an injury-free career in the sports. As a professional, you must be aware of various sports-related injuries to your feet. Some of the common injuries related to sports are-sprain, muscle strain, fracture, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, ankle injury, runners’ knee, and shin splints. To avoid these injuries and if the injury has occurred, then for treating them, you should visit a podiatry clinic and follow their advice.

Podiatrists in Mandurah

2. Ingrown toenail and foot skin problems: Podiatrists can help to remove infected nails or skin to treat such ailments. Infection due to ingrown toenail as well as foot skin problems are quite common amongst people due to a variety of reasons. These include senility, foot injury, lack of foot hygiene, damp climate, disease or an unfit shoe. As per the experts at the podiatry clinic Mandurah, issues related to ingrown toenail and foot skin infections can be resolved if you follow their instructions. You should take regular care of your feet, like washing it before you wear a footwear. You should regularly trim your nails and try wear slippers when you are in your home (providing you have no injuries or other issues with your arches and toes). It is necessary that your feet should get the space to breathe properly. Furthermore, dampness provides a ready environment for bacteria and fungus to grow beneath your toenails as well as between the fingers. This if left untreated, it can get infected which is very painful. While there are a range of treatment that you can avail of at Peel Podiatry Clinic in Mandurah, it would be prudent that you take preventive measures. This will minimise the risk of foot skin problem or infection due to ingrown toenail.

3. Diabetic foot problems: Diabetes can result in nerve damage that may cause a loss of sensation in feet and other health problems. In extreme cases, diabetes can lead to amputation of your feet if left untreated. In case of severe diabetic problem, the nerve endings of the foot can get affected and you can get foot ulcer. This is an extremely painful that can restrict your mobility severely. A podiatry expert can diagnose the problem at early stages an even restrict its further spread thereby managing the issue successfully. When you go to a podiatry clinic to treat an ulcer in your feet due to your diabetic problem, then the experts instruct you to follow a strict regime to control it. This includes, reducing the blood sugar level, prescribing you a foot care regime, improving the blood circulation in your feet through regular exercise, and treating your ulcer.

4. Deformities such as bunions: It happens due to mechanical dysfunction causing a shift in the bone alignment. An expert in podiatry can manage this supportive soles or orthotics. These supportive footwear with shields or pads allows you to walk without putting pressure on the bunions that is caused by closed shoe. Furthermore, if the condition is diagnosed earlier, then toe separator can be used to relieve the pain. Additionally, specially designed orthotics are used to improve the foot mechanic. The orthotics are also used to control the spread of bunion and increase the joint function.

5. Flat feet: When tendons lose their strength and elasticity, it results in arches to fall. You can use orthotic devices that are custom designed for your feet to relieve the pain. Exercising the tendons can also lead to greater pain relief. Additionally, you can get supportive shoes to walk more comfortably even if you have a flat foot.

Conclusion: These are some of the important reasons for which you should visit a podiatry to take proper care of your feet. To know more about specific services, phone us at (08) 9586 3046.

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