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Visit A Podiatry Clinic to Treat Skateboard Injuries

All the sports-related activities including skating sports can greatly impact the most vital asset of any athletes – the Feet. Any sport or activities can become challenging without proper foot care. Any type of injury can have some serious repercussions for roller and inline skating participants. If you are a skater or active in any other sports, we suggest you visit Peel Podiatry Clinic for a periodic check-up of your feet. The professionals would evaluate any pre-existing feet conditions like bunions, corns, hammertoes, and calluses before you lace into skates. A medical examination is also important for any potential skaters to avoid diabetes or existing circulatory challenges. Here, we will discuss some common skateboard injuries that can be treated by expert podiatrists.

Podiatry Clinic to Treat Skateboard Injuries

Here are 4 types of skateboard injuries

  1. Sprains and tendonitis – Due to excessive physical exertion, your feet and knees can get sprained while skating. Moreover, overuse of feet may also lead to tendonitis, the inflammation of tendons. While sprains can occur suddenly even when you are in the mid of action, the condition of tendonitis develops over time. Should you feel stiffness and localized pain in your feet, see podiatrists in Mandurah for an authentic examination.
  2. Heel aches – Does your heel hurt while you try to stand or put pressure on your feet? This condition is called plantar fasciitis, wherein the patient has painful heels caused by repetitive stress. Although anyone can suffer from plantar fasciitis, skaters are most commonly diagnosed with the feet issue. This is due to the fact that these sports persons need to grip their toes firmly when skating, which in turn, creates excess pressure on the bottom and heels of their feet.
  3. Hammertoes and bunions – As the skaters have to put on tight shoes all the time to perform, they can experience other forms of deformities like bunions and hammertoes. While a bunion is bone inflammation on the side of the big toe, hammertoes occur when the toes cannot be straightened and remain curled as a result.

Some effective treatment methods

  1. Orthotics and feet-friendly shoes – If you are currently suffering from any of the above feet problems, be quick to see any of the experienced podiatrists near you. The experts can examine the problem and even prescribe orthotics, special shoes with customized features, for your quick recovery. The podiatrists can also advise you on the do’s and don’ts of maintaining healthy feet.
  2. Shock wave therapy – As the name suggests, this treatment involves the application of shock waves for the management of your heel pain. To receive this advanced treatment, you must book an appointment with a professional specializing in shockwave therapy in Mandurah.

Conclusion – Recurrent feet problems restrict your movement and hamper your credibility as a professional skater. To cure or prevent the above-listed foot injuries from occurring, you must stay in touch with podiatrists in Mandurah. Do you want to book an appointment with a professional podiatrist? Get in touch with Peel Podiatry Clinic today. Reach us at – 08 9586 3046,

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