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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foot Orthotics Without Delay

Nowadays, foot problems are very much common among people. Old or young, you’ll hear people complaining of leg pain, ankle pain or pain in the back. While some are blessed with good looks or extraordinary talent, most of us don’t have perfect feet. Availing services for foot orthotics in Mandurah is one solution for many painful foot problems. Wondering what foot orthotics is? They are shoe inserts that help to improve and align the functions of the foot, hip, lower back, knees or ankles.

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foot Orthotics Without Delay

Foot orthotics is undoubtedly an effective solution but how to tell if you need it? In this blog, we shall discuss the signs that tell you need foot orthotics straight away.

Signs that Tell You Need Foot Orthotics Immediately

  1. Foot pain or swelling: Does your foot pain or swell every time you stand or walk around? If foot pain or swelling is a common occurrence in your daily life, it is time to visit a podiatry clinic. Stop considering foot pain as a part of your daily life and suffering. Orthotics may be the right solution to the problem and if it isn’t, the podiatrist will examine the causes of pain and recommend the right footwear and exercises to address the issue.
  2. Sharp heel pain: Many people ignore this problem assuming that it is ordinary foot pain that is induced by wearing uncomfortable shoes or high heels. If you are experiencing a sharp pain on your heels everyday in the morning, it can be a sign that says you have plantar fasciitis and need orthotics. The plantar fascia is a thick layer of tissue that covers from your heel bone to the toes. When this tissue is inflamed, plantar fasciitis develops and as a consequence, you have sharp heel pain every morning. The plantar fascia provides cushioning support to the foot’s arch. People who are overweight, have flat feet, high arches or tight Achilles, are prone to suffering from plantar fasciitis. If sharp heel pain is a common problem for you, don’t delay in visiting an orthotics clinic in Mandurah. The podiatrist will provide you with custom orthotics that will offer cushioning support to the arch of your foot, alleviating symptoms.
  3. Constant foot or back pain: Another clear sign that tells you need foot orthotics immediately is if you have constant foot or back pain at the end of the day. Of course, there could be several reasons responsible for this but the most common one is lack of proper support for your foot, inducing foot or back pain. Foot orthotics are designed to improve, align and support the functions of the foot and lower back and wearing it, eases the pain gradually. So, now you know what’s the permanent solution for your constant foot or back pain?
  4. Your shoes are wearing out faster: Quickly glance at your footwear. Do you find one portion of the soles worn out? If any one side of the soles is wearing out more than the other, it is a clear sign that your foot is either rolling inward (pronation) or outward (supination). Simply put, either side of the soles or one shoe can wear out faster than the other and it is a sign that says you need orthotics. Shoe inserts or foot orthotics can address this issue by aligning your foot properly, thereby treating your pronation or supination problem, alleviating discomfort and preventing joint pain and malfunction.
  5. You stand for more than 5 hours a day: Standing for a prolonged period of time can lead to plantar fasciitis, a foot problem as explained above. An extremely painful condition at times, wearing improper footwear further intensifies the condition. Hence, foot orthotics or shoe inserts render the additional support and comfort to your feet eliminating stress and providing relief.

Conclusion: These are the five foot problems that tell you require orthotics without any delay. However, if you are still undecided whether foot orthotics is the much-needed solution for your foot problem, don’t hesitate to visit your podiatrist. Whether you require orthotics or other types of solution is best decided by your podiatrist after assessing your foot’s condition. Peel Podiatry Clinic is reputable for providing foot orthotics in Mandurah that are custom designed using the latest advances in biomechanics and technology.

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