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Plantar Warts & Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist in Mandurah?

Every part of your body is important. Be it your hands, eyes, nose or teeth, our daily activities get affected when one of it starts troubling us. Similarly, your feet are also a valuable part of your existence. Any kind of severe feet problem and you will be restricted from continuing with your regular movement. When talking about foot problems, the list seems to be endless. Out of the various feet conditions, plantar warts can be really annoying. With a plantar wart at the sole of your foot, you’ll find the bottom of your foot hurting and it may get worse when you walk or stand for a long time. A plantar wart is a common foot condition that becomes painful as it enlarges. Although a wart often goes away on its own, some warts require the help of podiatrists in Mandurah to get rid of completely.

Plantar Wars & Why You Should Visit a Podiatrist in Mandurah

In this blog, we shall discuss a few important things about plantar warts.

What are Plantar Warts?

A kind of human papillomavirus (HPV), a plantar wart is a form of viral infection in the skin. There are various HPV virus strains but only a few are known to cause a plantar wart. Even though HPV belongs to the same virus group that causes other kinds of warts, plantar warts do not spread to any other parts of the body.

Plantar warts are not a major problem if you have a powerful immune system. However, walking, standing or any other movement that involves exerting pressure on the foot can result in pain at the bottom of your foot. In case the plantar wart has changed its colour or starts bleeding, you should immediately visit a podiatry clinic and get it removed.


  • A certain ‘spot’ or area on your skin becomes thick and hard. It is a sign that the wart has grown internally.
  • Standing or walking will cause pain in the spot having a wart
  • A grainy, rough or fleshy growth, a plantar wart will typically grow on the soles of your foot or at the bottom of your toes
  • A wound may interrupt the usual patterns of your foot’s skin

Tips to prevent plantar warts from occurring

  • Avoid direct contact with warts
  • Never forget to wear shoes or thongs if you are around swimming pools or locker rooms
  • Keep your feet dry as much as possible since warts occur mainly in a moist area
  • If you have a wart, do not pick or scratch. Always wear gloves and wash your hands whenever you touch a wart e.g. applying treatment


Swift Microwave Therapy is the most effective treatment for removing plantar warts. Originally developed in the UK, Swift is an advanced technology that is used for treating skin lesions. In this therapy, a focused microwave signal is emitted directly into the skin where the wart has developed. At a temperature of around 42-45 degrees Celsius, the ray heats the infected cells around the wart. As a result, the wart releases proteins into the body and the immune system immediately identified the HPV so that it can combat immediately and provide relief.

You may require around 3-4 Swift microwave therapy sessions for 10-15 minutes. The exact number of required sessions is determined by your podiatrist is Mandurah only after assessing your condition. You may experience slight discomfort due to the sudden rise in temperature. However, there will be no damage to your skin. Swift microwave therapy is best known for being a quick treatment that causes no scarring and requires no dressing later on. You can avail this treatment from any reputable podiatry clinic.

Why you should visit a podiatry clinic?

A plantar wart is a condition that is best treated by an experienced podiatrist. While a few warts go away on their own, some warts refuse to disappear even after trying the most popular home remedies like rubbing a banana peel or applying pineapple juice in the area. It is important to know that such home remedies have no scientific evidence that proves their efficacy. Hence, if the plantar wart doesn’t disappear after a few days, it is advisable to visit a recognized podiatry centre like Peel Podiatry Clinic where specialized plantar wart treatments, like Swift Microwave Therapy, are provided by highly-experienced podiatrists in Mandurah.

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