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How A Podiatrist Can Help In Sports Related Injurie

People involved in sports and athletics are prone to various ailments related to the feet and ankles. The intense use of certain muscles and a few joints in the lower extremities sometimes poses great risks and an extensive care routine is needed to alleviate the associated pain. This is where a podiatrist can be of help, for he or she can not only treat the ailments but also help the patient to keep away from further injuries through a holistic treatment.

When we talk about the foot of an athlete or anyone related to sports, we essentially mean one of the most important parts of that person that provides stability. Thus, taking care of the feet is necessary for the athletes to pursue a long-term career in sports.

How a podiatrist can help a suffering sportsperson?

Though anyone can face complications of the feet, a sportsperson is much more prone to such problems. A podiatrist from Mandurah can be helpful for people related to sports in many ways.

  • Selection of the right footwear – Anyone who is into sports must know the importance of wearing the right footwear. Shoes are made for general use and it is often a matter of trial and error for a person to find the right pair of shoes. As every person’s physical structure is unique, what works for others might not be suitable for you. Podiatrists are the professionals dealing with a holistic foot care and can intricately examine your feet in order to suggest the right pair for you.
  • Prevention of injury – By regularly consulting a podiatrist, an athlete can effectively keep the foot ailments at bay. The professional will examine your feet and suggest all the necessary exercises. In this way, you will not only heal faster but also prevent any unforeseen injury.
  • Professional advice – A podiatrist is always the right person from whom you can seek some professional advice regarding your feet. Complications afflicting the feet and ankles can be unique for each person and a podiatrist is the specialist you can consider taking help from. A reputed podiatry clinic in Mandurah is certainly going to provide you with the necessary advice on footwear, ailments, and treatment.

How a sports person can stay away from feet problems?

There are a few things which an athlete can do on his/her own to stay away from injuries. One such way is training the weaker parts. If you feel that your ankle or any other part of your feet is weak, there are certainly a number of targeted exercises for those parts. Engaging in exercises can help to strengthen the muscles, cartilages, and tendons of those parts turning your fitter.

The main injuries posing a threat to athletes

There are numerous injuries that can affect sportspersons as well as others. Some specific injuries affecting the lower extremities are discussed below:

  • Chronic overuse injuries – Depending on the type of sports, sportspersons can face these injuries due to the overuse of certain parts of the body. The most common in this category is Achilles tendinopathy. The other injuries include Patella tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, etc.
  • Acute muscle injuries – People mostly engaged in running often face muscle injuries. This is due to the fact that the hamstring and calf muscles happen to be the most vulnerable.
  • Acute ankle ligament injuries – In sports like rugby, netball, and hockey, sprains occur in the lateral ankle joint ligament. These injuries can cause an excruciating pain wherein immediate medical attention becomes necessary.

Conclusion: There are many injuries that can pose a serious threat to the career of athletes and sportspersons. The feet being one of the most crucial parts of an athlete’s body, specialized care needs to be taken. It is rightfully said that prevention is better than cure and a podiatrist can effectively treat one’s feet ailments and prevent further injuries.

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