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The Impact of Foot Discrepancy in Causing Knee Pain

Knees are among the largest joints in your body that are responsible to maintain your upright stature whether stationary or moving. Forming a major part of your body, knees often exhibit signs of discomfort. People often neglect the minor symptoms which can lead to severe medical complications with the passing of time. Knee pain can be the aftermath of various feet problems but sadly, most of the people are not aware of that.

Not only knees, if you are experiencing pain in parts such as hips, lower back, shoulders and neck, the reason for your discomfort may be faulty feet. A poor walking habit can aggravate your knee problem but on the flipside, a good gait can improve the overall fitness of your body.

Impact of Foot Discrepancy in Causing Knee Pain

How feet ailments can have an adverse effect on the knees?
There are certain feet related conditions that can not only have a significant impact on your gait but can also affect your knees. Feet problems like fallen arches exacerbated by over pronation or even hypermobile feet can affect your knees in the long run. Hypermobile feet is a medical complication where parts of an individual’s feet move more than they should. A podiatrist from Mandurah can efficiently carry out a gait analysis and tell whether you should worry about it or not.

A compromised gait can pose considerable stress on the knees thereby causing injuries. The knee is made in a way to move only in one direction but complications with gait can make it move in an inward direction towards the opposite leg. This unconventional movement of knees can put an unnecessary stress on them thus worsening the ailment.

What is osteoarthritis?
This disease is related to the joints and is caused by the breakdown of the underlying bone and joint cartilage. The symptoms include joint pain and stiffness around them. When situations worsen, one might experience swelling around joints and an inability to move them to their full potential. In case of people suffering from this condition, the cartilages are seen to wear out in the inside region of their knees. A study has shown that by pointing the toes outside while walking can help in relieving some of the pain originating inside your knee joint. Ask a professional from the podiatry clinic in Mandurah and know what kind of walking habits can alleviate your pain.

What is runner’s knee?
The common misconception needs to be corrected here; runner’s knee is not exclusive to runners and anyone can get exposed to this ailment. This medical condition can be characterised by a throbbing pain in your kneecap. The feet, when touching the ground make an impact on the kneecap to rub against the femur bone. A misaligned kneecap or past injury can make the knees more vulnerable to this kind of complication.

Effects of plantar fasciitis on knees:
Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition when a person feels pain at the bottom of the heel. The pain can also spread to other areas in the bottom of the foot. The pain gradually develops over time and is responsible for a change in gait. This disease is usually experienced by people with fallen arches or flat foot. The pain in plantar fasciitis stays intense in the morning making it hard for the person to walk. This situation puts pressure on the knees causing them to undergo damage.

Conclusion: There are several foot conditions which can pose a threat to your knees. If you are facing any problem with either of your knee or feet then you must seek medical attention from reputed podiatry services in Mandurah. People with a flat foot or previous knee injuries must pay attention to minute discomforts in order to avoid bigger troubles.

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