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The Role Of A Podiatrist in Treating Lower Back Pain

The back plays an intricate role in maintaining our overall wellbeing. The spine functions as the primary framework that gives a shape to our body. It is part of the nervous system and is the route for the sensory nerves to stream down from the head to the feet. However, should the health of your spine is not taken care of, you can suffer from a debilitating back pain at any point in time. There are several reasons that can cause back pain such as ageing, lack of physical fitness, obesity, arthritis, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking.

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Lower back pain can be the result of a few underlying medical conditions that you might not be aware of. One of the primary causes of lower back pain can be a problematic foot. According to some studies, around 80% of the people face lower back pain at some point in their lives and most of the times the problems arise from the feet. You might be thinking as to how your feet can affect your lower back, but it is true. Problematic feet can affect your gait leading to a number of problems including lower back pain. A thorough podiatric treatment in Mandurah can help you to recover from any lower back pain without any possible side effects.

So, let’s take a look as to how the podiatric treatment in Mandurah can help you to recover from chronic back pain.

The right shoe for the feet

There may be many causes to get a severe lower back pain but in many instances, it can be related to the misalignment of the spine and bad posture. Shoes play a crucial role in spinal alignment and hip as the feet are known as the sole base for the entire body. Getting the right pair of shoes that accommodate and support the biomechanics of your feet can substantially reduce the lower back pain. In such cases, experienced Podiatrists in Mandurah can offer you a personalized treatment to select the right pair of shoes to correct the posture and alignment of your body.

Role of a podiatrist to alleviate back pain

A podiatrist would help you to evaluate whether your feet are responsible for your back pain or not. He or she would conduct gait evaluation and an in-depth assessment of your medical history to understand the root cause of the problem. In order to ascertain if the foot function is causing the back pain, a podiatrist may adapt to temporary procedures (such as voluntary full length raises or taping) to examine whether these can help to reduce the back pain.

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is an approach that analyse how an individual walks or stands. A detailed assessment of the way an individual moves can reveal the underlying problems. Identifying the problems in one’s gait can be the source to unravel the cause of pain in the back. The analysis also helps to identify leg length difference, muscle weakness, joint, and other complications. From the analysis, the podiatrists at Peel Podiatry Clinic in Mandurah can help the individual to improve their gait and foot posture in alleviating lower back pain.


With the help of gait analysis and biomechanical assessment, the podiatrists in Mandurah can diagnose any condition or problem that is causing troubles for your lower back. They critically evaluate the movements and postures while you walk, run or stand to identify the sole reason for the back pain and then prescribe the suitable solutions (such as proper foot orthoses) to alleviate the pain.

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