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Get Rid of Feet Problem with Shockwave Therapy in Mandurah

Do you suffer from tendinopathy? Under this condition, the pain gets too difficult to be ignored. Not only do your feet ache, but the pain worsens with any kind of movement. Inflammation and redness also accompany the unbearable pain. Has every traditional treatment method failed to provide you with any relief? To get long-lasting relief, you might need to visit a podiatry clinic and get shockwave therapy for faster healing. In this blog, we will expand on the subject to offer you more details.

Shockwave therapy Mandurah

1. How does shockwave therapy work?

To begin with, shockwave therapy, a non-invasive treatment method, is used by the foot doctors to cure a range of feet problems encountered by patients. In this procedure, shock waves are delivered to the patient’s body using electromagnetic pulses. Although both low-energy and high-energy shock waves are used to treat several podiatry conditions, their methods of application differ. While high-energy shock waves are administered at a single session, treatments using low-energy can be given in three to four treatment sessions.

Moreover, high-energy shock waves are known to be painful and require anesthesia in some cases. On the other hand, low-energy shock waves cause little to no pain. It is for the doctor to decide which form of shock wave treatment would be ideal to minimize your discomfort. Further, podiatrists and other specialists opine that shock waves can produce microtrauma to the affected tissue thereby triggering the body’s healing response. This, in turn, stimulates blood vessel creation and a repairing process. Several clinical studies have shown that this procedure is both effective and safe to be used. However, to get the best treatment outcome, visit a certified podiatry clinic providing the most effective shockwave therapy in Mandurah.

2. What types of injuries can be treated with this method?

Like said before, doctors carry out a thorough examination to understand whether your condition needs to be treated by shockwave therapy or not. This method can be an option when other types of non-operative treatments fail to produce any positive result. Here are some foot injuries that can be treated by shockwave therapy.

  • Shin splints – Also known as tibia, the anterior bone of the lower leg experiences pain known as shin splints. This is most commonly experienced by runners.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – The condition is caused when the tissue connecting the heel to the toe gets inflamed. Standing for too long can trigger this ache.
  • Achilles Tendonitis – When the tendon between your heel bone and calf muscle aches and gets swollen, it can be treated by Shockwave therapy.

3. What are the benefits?

So, are you suffering from any of the conditions listed above? Visit a podiatry clinic to receive the shockwave therapy based on the latest technology. Interestingly, current evidence has shown that shockwave therapy is a feasible treatment solution to stubborn feet problems that show no sign of healing. Apart from being the most effective non-intrusive method, shockwave therapy can be applied in short sessions thereby curtailing the hassle of hospital-stay. On the whole, this therapy can speed up recovery, reduce pain, and restore your mobility.

Conclusion – Shock wave therapy can be a potential alternative to operations and surgeries. However, you must book an appointment with an experienced podiatrist to get faster relief. If you are looking for a clinic that specializes and offers the most authentic shockwave therapy in Mandurah, contact Peel Podiatry Clinic. Reach us at – 08 9586 3046.

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