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How Are Foot Orthotics Helpful in Combating Feet Problems?

Do you know wearing wrong footwear can cause several types of podiatric problems? To correct such deformities, you might need the help of orthotics as well. Sometimes, medication and physiotherapy are not enough to give you enough relief. Orthotics, the customized medical soles, can alleviate a range of foot issues. Moreover, these special soles can help you walk and move more freely by guarding and aligning your feet properly. Feel free to consult a foot orthotics doctor for faster diagnosis and recovery. Remember, seeing a podiatrist on time can not only help the existent problem but may also prevent surfacing of a new one in the first place.

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How do podiatrists examine foot orthotics problems?

Feet problems show some common symptoms and deformities. On seeing such signs, you can easily understand that your feet are not in the right health. Some of those abnormalities are mentioned below.

  • Flat arches
  • Chronic foot or heel pain
  • Feet pointed outward or inward
  • Restricted movement

Despite their importance, the above symptoms are insufficient to carry out an extensive diagnosis. This is where the expertise of podiatrist comes into play. Along with clinical observation, medical professionals can resort to other methods of diagnosis. The most important ones are

  1. Gait Analysis – Monitors the movement pattern of a body
  2. Biomechanical Study – Examines mechanics and structure of feet
  3. Strapping of Feet – Application of strapping as a trial

Only a certified podiatry clinic can offer such an in-depth diagnosis and assessment. Therefore, you should visit a reputed centre like Peel Podiatry Clinic to receive the treatment of foot orthotics in Mandurah.

What conditions can be treated with orthotics?

Orthotics are helpful in treating several types of podiatry problems. Cannot understand the right time to see a podiatrist? Given here is a list of feet issues. If you see your problem featuring here then book an appointment at the earliest.

  • Shin splints – When the large front bone in the lower leg experiences pain, it is most likely be shin splints. It can be treated with proper medication and orthotics.
  • Morton’s neuroma – This condition is caused when the tissues between the metatarsals are thickened and aching. This commonly seen in between the fourth and third toes but can happens in between any toes. Wearing high heels is usually related to this issue.
  • Sesamoiditis – The sesamoid bones at the base of your first metatarsophalangeal joint (first knuckle) can ache and cause sesamoiditis. Given their tiny size, it is important to conduct an accurate diagnosis for correct treatment.
  • Hallux Limitus – It is a type of arthritis pain experienced at the hallux (big toe), the joint connecting your foot to the big toe. Orthotics can cushion these sensitive areas.

Major podiatry problems have been highlighted here. To know which other foot issues can be mitigated with specially-designed heels, feel free to contact a foot orthotics doctor.

Are orthotics really helpful?

If you are unsure about the benefits of orthotics, read some convincing reasons to choose them.

  1. Alleviation of pain – Shoe inserts provide additional support thereby improving your movement and reducing discomfort.
  2. Improved comfort – Since custom inserts are designed to meet your unique feet requirement they offer greater comfort with better functionality.
  3. Supination correction – Improper alignment lends an uncomfortable shape to your feet. Custom shoe inserts can correct such deformities and position.

Conclusion – If you feel even a slight problem in your feet, do not neglect it. The faster you see a doctor, the quicker the relief you can get. Are you looking for experts in foot orthotics in Mandurah? Get in touch with Peel Podiatry Clinic today. Contact – 08 9586 3046.

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