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Call our friendly podiatrists today on (08) 9586 3046

When Do You Need to See Podiatrists in Mandurah?

Do you often suffer from arthritis foot pain? Well, seeing a general physician may not help. To get quality treatment outcomes, you need to book an appointment with any of the eminent podiatrists in Mandurah. From conducting appropriate medical examinations to deciding the correct course of treatment, these medical experts ensure your speedy recovery. In this blog, we have outlined some concerning foot conditions that require immediate attention and medical intervention. Continue reading below to know more.

Podiatrists in Mandurah

1. Diabetes-related troubles – Foot problems occur due to several underlying causes and diabetes is surely one of them. Should you have diabetes, it is advised that you get your feet examined by a podiatrist at least once a year. Being a patient of diabetes, you are more susceptible to developing foot problems such as fungal infections, hammertoes, and dry skin. Such conditions occur when high glucose level begins to damage nerves and vessels of your feet. Seeing a podiatrist can foot problems caused by diabetes.

2. Ingrown toenail – People with big toes are most likely to suffer from this discomfort. An ingrown toenail grows under the skin and at the corner of your toe. This condition is painful with symptoms such as redness, swollen, and overgrowth of your toe skin. In extreme cases, these ingrown nails can get infected and ooze pus or bleed. Are you suffering from such pain? Visit the leading podiatric clinic in Mandurah with any delay.

3. Constant heel pain – Do you feel a constant heel pain? It can restrict your ability to carry out daily activities, not to speak of the pain you have to endure on regular basis. This discomfort can be caused by bony growth or inflammation of tendons around the heels. Seeing a podiatrist shall facilitate an authentic diagnosis of the problem. The podiatrists can perform an X-ray or other foot examinations to get to the root of the cause thereby preparing an appropriate treatment plan for your quick recovery.

4. Distressing bunion – Here is another foot problem that can compel you to see a podiatrist. A bunion develops at the first metatarsophalangeal joint, just behind the big toes. In cases such as these, the metatarsal bone points outward while the big toe goes inwards. Even though both genders can get bunions, studies suggest that women are prone to developing this abnormality from wearing tight-fitting shoes and heels. If you detect a bunion, we suggest you consult the podiatrist before the condition worsens.

5. Athlete’s foot – Have you spotted an infection between your toes? Does it feel itchy and scaly? Watch for a few days and if the itchiness aggravates instead of subsiding, it could be an athlete’s foot requiring medical intervention. You can experience other symptoms like crumby toenails, blisters, dry and cracked skin. Be fast to see a podiatrist, for the expert can observe your foot condition and prescribe medicines accordingly.

Conclusion – Foot problems are disturbing and can limit your physical movements. If you are suffering from any of the above-discussed foot issues, you need a podiatric treatment in Mandurah. Peel Podiatry Clinic offers quality treatment by certified professionals. To book an appointment with a podiatrist, contact us on – 08 9586 3046.

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